6 thoughts on “Active vs. Passive Voice”

  1. It s precise.   Country music is sometimes hated conveys less information than People sometimes hate country music. You could expand it to say Country music is sometimes hated by people, but that makes the sentence more clunky. Just use active voice. It s succinct. Sentences in active voice are often shorter than their passive-voice counterparts. Cut the fluff and tighten your prose with active voice.

    1. Yes, Timothy, much the same as the writers said in the download document. But I didn’t mention that some kinds of writing require passive voice, most notably scientific and research papers. I find them formal and detached, but the purpose is to distance the results from the writer and give the impression of neutrality and impartiality. Nothing wrong with that, but I prefer writing that expresses passion. Although that would be totally out of place in research works, wouldn’t that be fun to see once in while?

  2. Sorry to get back to you so late. I would just Google the topics you’re interested in. There is so much good information on writing. However, one I look to first is Grammar Girl. She explains every topic clearly and includes examples.

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