Monster Force: Murder In Metalneck

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This is terrific! It’s full of great characters, crisp, dark imagery, and vivid locations. But not to disappoint, there’s murder, too. If you’re an author, you’ll wish you could write like this. (I certainly do.) If you’re a fan, you’ll just love it and want more. I can’t wait. Here’s the book blurb:

“The classic hard-boiled detective tale meets urban noir with a monstrous twist in the grips of vampires and mages.”

In the city of Burgundy, vicious monsters and dark magicians walk in the shadows and in the crowds. Monster Force detectives are all that stand between honest citizens and the edge of dark magic.

A young woman murdered in the Metalneck district of Burgundy sparks an investigation the likes of which Monster Force Detectives Ollie and El were never prepared. From ancient white mage’s halls to vampire bankers’ modern castles to the city’s monster-infested underworks, the detectives uncover a plot much darker even than murder.